Choosing the Most Effective Format for Your Content Marketing

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Getting people to pay attention to your content is challenging at best. You can send emails to your contacts, but there’s no guarantee they’ll read your messages. You can prepare the best, most informative white paper, but it won’t matter if no one bothers to look through it. You can write engaging blog posts, but what’s the point of doing so if you don’t have an audience for them?

While emails, white papers and blog posts should be included in your overall content strategy in many instances, they shouldn’t be the only pieces to your content puzzle. Whether you want to repackage some of your existing material to keep it fresh or you’re going to create brand-new content, there are some additional content formats you should focus your energy on that may make your content more appealing to a wider audience. Using different formats can also help strengthen your SEO.


If your content is data-driven, an infographic is an effective format for it. Well prepared infographics are fantastic vehicles for presenting a complex subject in a manner that’s easily digestible and understandable.

If you need help making an infographic, the following websites are wonderful resources:

Slide Decks

There’s a reason the use of visualized information has increased online by 9,900 percent since 2007 – it works. Images are easy for a viewer to process, they’re fun to share and they’re highly engaging. Visualized information is also easier for people to remember than written text. More specifically, people will remember 80 percent of what they see and just 20 percent of what they read.

You can make your written content much more appealing and memorable by breaking your text into small chunks, pairing each tidbit with an image and creating a slide deck. SlideShare is a wonderful platform for slide decks. Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is one of the top 150 websites on the Internet and it attracts approximately 60 million visitors every month. The PowerPoint hub also generates three billion slide views on a monthly basis.


According to research performed by BuzzSumo and reported by “Huffington Post,” quizzes accounted for eight of the 10 most shared articles during an eight-month time period. If that’s not enough to convince you to share content in quiz format, think about this – Penguin Strategies reports that quizzes have a 78 percent completion rate. Quizzes have an 82 percent click-to-conversion rate as well. It’s also likely that quizzes will be shared often because people might want to share their results on their social media pages.

You can use these tools for help making engaging quizzes:





Instructographics present information in a series of steps. A recipe that tells you how to prepare a meal step by step is a good example of an instructographic. If you want to create content that can be explained in steps, consider presenting it in the form of an easily consumable instructographic. and Infogram are great resources for help making instructographics.

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