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Why your web design matters

  • 82% of consumers research products and services online before they purchase.

  • There are now more than 3.7 Billion internet users.

No matter what type of business or sales process you have, having a well-designed and top-performing website can make a big difference in your market share, sales efficiency, and marketing ROI. Here are a few reasons why your web design is critical to your business:

  • Builds brand equity by acting as a brand ambassador, fostering trust and loyalty for your company – 24/7
  • Increases credibility and validity of your company and products/services for all those prospects who want to ‘check you out’ before engaging with your sales team
  • Cost effective marketing tool that, when done right, delivers consistent high rate of return
  • Engages your prospects with relevant, meaningful content that keeps them coming back
  • Connects you with prospects on any device or platform– especially important since online mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches
  • Provides insightful analytics about your prospects purchasing intentions, behaviors, and motivations
  • Acts as an extension of your sales and marketing team with the ability to reach 3+ Billion internet users around the clock (or without vacation days)

Beautiful and brilliant- web design and development that gets results

In today’s crowded online world, businesses can no longer afford to pass off ‘electronic brochures’ as websites. To compete in this market, a website should be more than a pretty collection of images and words. Your business website needs to be powerful, smart, intuitive, and yes…beautifully bold. DB Marcom does that.

We design and develop websites that are more than a pretty face. Much more. Our expert team specializes in designing websites that make a great first impression – and deliver on your organization’s goals.

  • Custom website design– based on your organization’s objectives, brand message, and unique value proposition
  • Search engine optimized– content is designed and engineered to be SEO and Local SEO friendly, so your prospects can find you
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design– ensures that users on any device have a great experience on your site, and helps increase your search engine rankings
  • Integration – with your marketing system to provide a seamless nurturing and conversion process between your SEO, content, social media, and sales enablement marketing efforts
  • Scalable, growth-driven design – grows with you over time, adaptable to ever changing demands of business environment, and provides cumulative organizational value
  • Optimized user experience– with easy navigation, intuitive flows, action-oriented calls to action, and just the right mix of technology features for your business and industry
  • Conversion machine– with nurturing process and conversion triggers designed to engage, convert and retain customers
  • Quality content- that resonates with your ideal prospects, builds quality traffic, and clearly communicates your organization’s value proposition

We create websites that work for you

Your website is the foundation for your marketing system and a critical tool in your marketing arsenal.  Our web design services include:

  • Online Presence Strategy
  • Responsive & Mobile Website Design
  • Site Analysis & Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO
  • Paid Advertising (PPC)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Landing Page & Microsite Design
  • Lead Generation Strategy & Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Link Analysis & Planning
  • Reputation Management
  • Managed Marketing Services

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