Marketing Communications

MarCom Strategy

Marketing communications — holistic, integrated, synergistic

Marketing Communications (MarCom) is the integrated mix of marketing messaging and visuals across all marketing channels. MarCom channels include:

Internet & Digital Presence | Sales & Print Collateral | Online & Offline Advertising | Internal Communications | Social Media | Content Marketing | Sales Promotions | Packaging & POP | Events & Experiences | Direct Marketing | Public Relations

Marketing communications strategy makes every impression count

Your brand is an asset – one that can build brand equity and enterprise value with every impression.

A solid MarCom Strategy ensures all messaging and visual components are cohesive and consistent across all marketing channels. This synergistic approach enables organizations to deliver crystal clear messaging that cuts through the competitive noise. And, builds measurable value for your organization. Creating an effective MarCom strategy helps organizations:

  • Creates brand awareness and reinforces brand promise
  • Builds demand and preference from target audience
  • Articulates clear value proposition and product/service attributes
  • Enhances competitive advantage
  • Adds validity and credibility to organizational message
  • Provides consistent, reassuring sense of order for target market
  • Works in unison with marketing strategy and branding strategy for holistic approach

The result? Engaged, loyal customers that retain longer and provide higher ROI

  • MarCom Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Planning
  • Brochures & Print Collateral
  • Internal Communications
  • Sales Enablement
  • Internet & Digital Integration
  • Product Launch
  • Advertising & Media Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Kit Design
  • Event Planning & Implementation
  • Training & Incentive Programs
  • Annual Reports
  • Tradeshows & Signage

You worked hard to build your brand. Don’t let gaps in your marketing communications strategy dilute your efforts and weaken your results.  Give us a call to find out how we can put all the pieces together for you.

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