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Depending on various factors, such as their job, their location and how they spend their free time, consumers may be exposed to thousands of advertisements every day. Because shoppers are often bombarded with so many marketing messages in a typical day, it can be hard to make your brand stand out.

While distinguishing your brand is always important, it’s even more vital for you to take your brand to the next level if you want it to rise above all the figurative (and sometimes literal) noise. If you’re interested in elevating your brand, you may be wondering how you can go about it successfully. 

Use Storytelling

To elevate your brand, you need to humanize your organization so that it’s even more approachable. How can you do that? You can forget the hard sell and start winning people over by storytelling. Create a unique voice for your brand along with an outward persona you can use to share your story. For storytelling to be effective, you must be honest, sincere and forthright in your messages. Your stories must be relevant and meaningful to your target audience as well.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Unlike macro-influencers who often have millions of followers on social media, micro-influencers may have only a few thousand followers. While you may automatically think it’s wise to use a macro-influencer to market your brand because of the person’s larger following, you may want to think again.

Studies show that influencers’ engagement with their audiences decreases significantly the more followers they have. This means micro-influencers are more likely to interact with their followers regularly. This increased engagement can benefit your brand immensely if you work with a micro-influencer.

In general, micro-influencers attract a loyal base of zealous followers. In turn, micro-influencers are usually strongly dedicated to the members of their respective audiences. Because micro-influencers share such a strong connection with their followers, their audience members take what they have to say seriously.

To find micro-influencers to market your brand, look at your current followers on social media. If any of them have a sizeable number of followers and are talking about your business, engage them on social media and praise their content. Once you’ve established a relationship, talk to them about using their influence to promote your brand. Because their followings are on the smaller side, it’s normally advisable to work with several micro-influencers simultaneously.

Be Consistent

To take your brand the next level, you need to be consistent with your marketing messages on every channel you use to promote your goods or services. Avoid straying from your brand voice under any and all circumstances. Strive to represent your brand consistently so that consumers can recognize your brand visually and through the words you use.

How can we help?

Looking to elevate your brand and get noticed by qualified buyers? Our branding services help you make the right impression — and build organizational value. To learn how our talented branding and digital marketing team can help you, contact DB Marcom to schedule a free consultation today.

Debra Barcuch

Debra Barcuch is a Texas native and lives in Frisco, Texas. As President and founder of DB Marcom, Debra is crazy passionate about helping businesses knock out the competition through innovative marketing and partnership building. Often starting sentences with ‘what if?’, she is an avid life-long learner and seeker of super-hero results. Debra received her MBA from Southern Methodist University and has built a reputation for driving results in corporate, non-profit, and agency environments. When not working on client projects, Debra loves spending time with her two girls, tennis court shenanigans, and other thrill-seeking activities.