Good brands make good impressions.

Great brands build organizational value.


An effective brand is more than a logo, a typeface, or a color treatment…much more.


A brand, simply stated, is a promise. It is a statement about a company’s market position, its products or services and its value proposition to the customers it serves.

Successful branding strategies create value in the marketplace, influence customer behavior, and cultivate loyalty.

Great brands drive marketing performance

Building a great brand is the foundation for creating successful marketing programs and systems that deliver results. Great brand strategy and execution generates authentic customer experiences and provides differentiation in a crowded market.

We build great brands

DB Marcom helps build strong brands by starting with a clear understanding of the brand vision, unique value proposition, and organizational tenets.  We create logo designs that are visually stimulating and promote acceptance and emotional connection with the brand through the use of colors, fonts and graphic layout. We then help you build a brand platform that increases organizational value through the development of key messaging and an integrated marketing communications strategy.

Our design and copywriting teams combine years of experience in building strong brand systems that differentiate our clients from their competitors across numerous industries and services.

From B2B, B2C, product brands, and service or program brands, DB Marcom will help execute your brand throughout your communication efforts to ensure continuity and positive brand equity.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development & Articulation Plans
  • Logo Development
  • Identity Package Design
  • Brand Voice & Messaging Platform
  • Program Branding
  • Product Branding
  • Brand Use Guidelines
  • Trademark Protection
  • Reputation Management

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