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As a business owner, you may already know how important your SEO strategy is when it comes to driving conversions and generating sales. While you may understand these things, figuring out why your SEO strategy isn’t as successful as it could be may leave you scratching your head.

Although it’s tempting to sit back and blame Google, the search engine really isn’t to blame for your SEO strategy woes. Instead, it’s more likely that your website’s failure to rank well in SERPs is due to factors that are well within your own control.

Keep reading to learn about some of the common things that cause even well thought out SEO strategies to fail and what you can do about them if they’re currently plaguing your results.

Outdated Practices

When it comes to SEO strategy in Frisco or any other location in the world, you must constantly adjust your techniques. SEO best practices change on a near daily basis because search engines update their algorithms often. Even if you just returned to the office after a long weekend, the SEO practices you used before you left town may already be outdated.

If your SEO strategy isn’t driving the results you want, it’s imperative for you to get up to speed with today’s SEO best practices. It’s just as important that you start employing them immediately and that you remain current with SEO best practices.

Your Website Doesn’t Cut It

For your website to rank well in search engine results pages, it’s essential that you have a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Your website must also have high-quality content and proven user engagement. If your website doesn’t cut it in these contexts, your SEO strategy is destined to fail. To prevent that from happening, update your website or create a new one from scratch.

Ignoring Your Analytics

Having done search engine marketing in Frisco for years, the experts at DB Marcom can tell you that your SEO strategy will not succeed if you ignore your analytics. You can only tell what is working and what’s not by reviewing your analytics and tracking your goals. If you don’t have analytics set up for your website, get some in place, review them regularly and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly to position yourself to achieve the results you’re hoping for.

You’re Not Using Social Media

While Google claims that social media doesn’t directly influence where your website ends up in SERPs, search engines still crawl social media platforms just like they do with brands’ websites. An active social media presence drives quality traffic to your website and this has a direct impact on your search engine rankings. It’s vital for you to have active, expertly optimized social media accounts to get the most out of your SEO strategy. If your social media pages are active and optimized, it greatly increases the likelihood that they will appear in SERPs, and increase your site rankings as well

You Lack the Internal Resources to Stay Competitive

SEO strategy may take months to show results, and it requires technical expertise and dedicated effort. Technology, best practices, algorithms, and tools can change daily. And the talent to keep up with all this can be expensive.   If your internal resources are causing you to fall behind the competition, try looking for a digital marketing partner with the expertise to help get your SEO rocking. Outsourcing your digital marketing can be very cost-effective for small to medium sized businesses who don’t want to add fixed overhead. 

To ensure you choose the best digital marketing partner, review the organization’s history, ask for referrals and read the company’s reviews online. Talk to the marketing professionals who will work with you to ensure they have a communication style that’s compatible with your own. Make sure the people who will handle your SEO are familiar with your industry and your competitors as well.

If you’re looking for local SEO services in or around Frisco, you won’t need to look beyond DB Marcom. Trustworthy, reliable and results-driven, DB Marcom is ready to create and implement a successful SEO strategy for your business. Learn more about our local SEO services now.

About DB Marcom

DB Marcom helps small to mid-sized businesses market smarter, faster, and more profitably…without adding overhead. We are a full-service marketing partner providing outsourced and managed services for strategy, branding, digital and inbound marketing. DB Marcom is a strategy-first agency with a focus on building integrated marketing systems that attract, engage and convert profitable customers.

No more thrashing. No more chaos. No more wasted marketing dollars. We’ll focus on the details so you can focus on your running your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Debra Barcuch is a Texas native and lives in Frisco, Texas. As President and founder of DB Marcom, Debra is crazy passionate about helping businesses knock out the competition through innovative marketing and partnership building. Often starting sentences with ‘what if?’, she is an avid life-long learner and seeker of super-hero results. Debra received her MBA from Southern Methodist University and has built a reputation for driving results in corporate, non-profit, and agency environments. When not working on client projects, Debra loves spending time with her two girls, tennis court shenanigans, and other thrill-seeking activities.

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