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amazon kindleAre you wondering why people fail to appreciate how fantastic your goods or services are? Are you curious about why consumers just don’t seem to care about your company’s values or your commitment to exceeding your industry’s best practices? If so, the odds are good you’re not connecting with your audience.

If you’re not connecting with your target market, it may be because you don’t understand the key levels of connection involved in interactions of all sorts. The first level of connection is primal. It’s on this level that a person decides whether your message is a threat or an opportunity. It’s helpful to look at this level in the context of fight or flight. It your message is an opportunity, an individual will stick around or fight. If your message is perceived as a threat, the person will take flight or abandon your message.

The next level of connection is the emotional level. This doesn’t mean making the members of your audience cry. It simply means using humor, inspiration, case studies, testimonials, endorsements, storytelling or another tactic to establish a connection on an emotional level.

It’s at the final level, the logical level, that people start to process your messages in a rational way. Just like your messages must resonate on an emotional level, they must also satisfy consumers on a logical level.

Tips to Connect with Your Audience Successfully

Now that you understand the levels of connection that are involved with interactions, you’re ready to learn some tips that can help you connect your brand with your audience. Just remember to keep the levels of a connection in mind as you put these tips into practice.

Here are some tips to help you connect your brand with your audience:

Address Your Target Market Directly

Create a brand voice that embodies everything your target audience loves about your products or services and your company. Use your brand’s voice consistently in every interaction you have with consumers, including your social media exchanges and emails. Address the members of your target audience directly, as if they’re in the same room with you. Remember – personalized messages are more intimate than your mass marketing campaigns, which means they’ll be more likely to establish a lasting connection.

Provide Value

You don’t necessarily have to give the members of your target audience a product sample or a discount to give them something that’s valuable. You can give them access to exclusive content they can’t view anywhere else instead, such as an eBook or whitepaper that discusses a topic in a unique manner. If you’re going to create exclusive content, consider taking a stance on a topic that’s relevant to your audience. Just be sure your stance isn’t off-putting and be sure you can back up your viewpoint with meaningful, credible sources.

Solicit Feedback

Everyone wants to be heard. With this in mind, you can connect your brand to your audience by soliciting feedback from your target audience. Whether the feedback is good or bad, it’s imperative that you respond to the comments your target market shares in a thoughtful, respectable manner that’s in keeping with your brand’s voice.

Contact DB Marcom

If you’re struggling to connect your brand with your audience, DB Marcom can help. Our Frisco-based branding services have helped small and midsize businesses connect their brands with their respective target markets across industries for years. To learn how we can help you connect your brand with your audience, contact DB Marcom today.

Debra Barcuch

Debra Barcuch is a Texas native and lives in Frisco, Texas. As President and founder of DB Marcom, Debra is crazy passionate about helping businesses knock out the competition through innovative marketing and partnership building. Often starting sentences with ‘what if?’, she is an avid life-long learner and seeker of super-hero results. Debra received her MBA from Southern Methodist University and has built a reputation for driving results in corporate, non-profit, and agency environments. When not working on client projects, Debra loves spending time with her two girls, tennis court shenanigans, and other thrill-seeking activities.