Is it time to tweak your digital marketing strategy?

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your digital marketing strategy? If your answer is anything but “today,” the odds are good you’ve waited too long to review your current strategy. To make the most of today’s trends and ensure your digital platforms are yielding the results you want, you must constantly update your marketing strategy.Digital Marketing Strategy | Top Frisco Marketing Company | DB Marcom

With Google switching to a mobile-first means of crawling websites and generating SERPs, it’s more important for you to adjust your digital marketing strategy now more than ever. That is, it’s more important to make adjustments now if you want to remain competitive in a mobile-first digital world.

Keep reading to learn some tips you can use to retool your digital marketing strategy.

Tips to retool your digital marketing strategy

Rework Your Website

If your website isn’t truly mobile-friendly, yesterday is when you should have made it so. While you can’t reverse time, you can take steps to make your website mobile-friendly in the immediate future. If you don’t have the digital marketing expertise in-house, look at hiring an expert in the field to ensure your strategy utilizes best practices and the latest tools and technologies to help you optimize your marketing ROI (MROI). Hint, hint –DB Marcom is a great choice to handle your digital marketing strategy in Frisco and Dallas area. We’ll ensure your website is mobile-friendly and that all your digital platforms are up to speed, so to speak, with the latest consumer trends and preferences.

If you want to rework your website on your own, be sure that you balance the visitor experience with solid SEO strategy and best practices. Use clear calls to action to increase engagement. Break down blocks of content by using images, headers and bullet points so that it’s inviting instead of intimidating. Make sure your website is easy to use and that people can find information quickly.

You should also ensure that your website only includes content that’s relevant to your visitors. If text or a graphic doesn’t add value of some kind, it shouldn’t be on your website. Period.

Make Use of Micro-Moments

With technology enabling you to gain deep insights into the behavior of your customers, you have the valuable opportunity to capitalize on micro-moments. You can use various apps to track the physical location of clients and prospects. And, you can see interests, common purchases and even when they are online most often. Using this information, you can target your marketing to provide your customers and prospects with the information they want – when they want it… That’s called micro-moment marketing

To create effective micro-moment ads, you need to get your main message across in a way that consumers will understand with a mere glance at their screen. Your ads need to have an unmistakable call to action (CTA). Viewers need to be able to respond to your call to action with one touch. Naturally, your micro-moment ads need to be mobile-friendly, which means big buttons that people can tap with any finger, including their thumbs.

Set Your Budget

While everyone’s marketing budget is going to differ, it’s important for you to determine how much you can afford to spend on your digital marketing early in the calendar or fiscal year, or even before a new year begins. If you don’t know how much to allocate to digital marketing, consider the following statistics reported by Forrester Research and eMarketer and summarized by Web Strategies:

  • In 2018, a typical company is expected to dedicate 41 percent of its marketing dollars to online efforts. This number is expected to increase to 45 percent by 2020.
  • Social media marketing is expected to account for 25 percent of the money spent on digital marketing in 2018.
  • Paid search, display ads, video advertisements, email marketing, and social media advertising will be responsible for 46 percent of the money spent on all forms of advertising by 2021.

While those figures won’t help you set your budget in terms of dollars, they do underscore the importance of dedicating a significant amount of your overall advertising budget to digital marketing in 2018 and the years beyond. They also bring certain questions to the forefront which you should ask yourself as you retool your digital marketing strategy.

Are you advertising on social media enough? Have you allocated enough of your advertising budget to digital marketing? Are you taking steps to re-allocate your advertising dollars to the appropriate channels over the next few years? Be sure you’re able to answer these questions and incorporate any necessary changes into your plans as you retool your online marketing strategy.

The ability to measure your digital marketing performance is also key to understanding what is working and what isn’t so you can maximize your MROI. Check out these resources on marketing metrics:

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